Welcome Lady Hannah!

Fleur de Lis is pleased and excited to announce the arrival of Lady Hannah Weiner, Assistant Director of Camper Development.  She is in FItzwilliam today starting orientation and will be at the camp fairs in Moorestown, NJ and Westchester, NY this weekend.  Below please find a quick bio about Lady Hannah.  Welcome Lady Hannah!

Hannah Weiner

Growing up in the metro-Detroit area, Lady Hannah first went to overnight camp when she was a timid 9-year-old. She loved it so much that she started a neighborhood summer camp when she was 13. Since then, she has worked at four camps throughout Michigan and Canada.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in English, she did marketing and community engagement work with a number of different companies, including a non-profit and a few startups. She had a stint in London working at a tech startup, as well, doing everything from web design to recruiting. For close to a year, she last worked as a producer at the newspaper in Palm Springs, California, managing projects and teams to help engage the community.

In addition to technology and writing, Lady Hannah loves hiking, canoeing, and international travel. She has played the piano for over 17 years, wrote a thesis on hip-hop poetics, and started a magazine in Ann Arbor that sold out of the first two issues.

Lady Hannah’s incredibly passionate about the summer camp experience and positive youth development. She can’t wait to join the Fleur de Lis team and experience the magic that happens at camp!

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