Choosing a Summer Camp

Recruitment season for camp is underway!  It’s an exciting time, but if you have ever been to a camp fair, it can feel oh, so overwhelming!  Day camp or resident?  Co-ed or single gender?  Close to home or for away?  So many questions and that is even before you start to figure out what activities are offered or meet the Camp Director to ensure you trust who will be caring for your child this summer.

Choosing a camp can feel overwhelming, but most camp professionals will help direct  you to find a place where your child and your family to feel at home: comfortable and confident.  And everyone is working to help your child to have THE BEST SUMMER EVER, and begin a relationship that we hope to foster in the years to come–as her home away from home.  Never hesitate to talk to the Director or ask questions, and to assist in what to consider and look for, the American Camp Association–a national accrediting body for camps–offers these suggestions.

Happy camp visiting this recruitment season; and don’t forget Fleur de Lis camp be reached at 603.585.7751 or!

Lady Carrie

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