FDL on Tour 2015- Ready, Set, Travel

It’s here; camp fair season is upon us. This weekend, Lady Carrie and I set off, albeit in opposite directions. I will be journeying to Brookline, MA and Rye, NY while Lady Carrie hops a plane for Paris. To keep track on our travels and perhaps come pay us a visit when we are near you, here is an updated list of Fleur de Lis’ travel schedule for the next few months-

January 2015

1/10: Dexter Camp Fair, Brookline, MA

1/10: Sejours Camp Fair, Paris, France

1/11: Rye Country Day School, Rye, NY

1/12: Concord Carlisle Camp Fair, MA

1/25: Lincoln-Sudbury Camp Fair, MA

1/31: Moorestown Friends Camp Fair, Moorestown, NJ

February 2015

2/5: Merriam School Camp Fair, Acton, MA

2/8: Fleur de Lis Open House in Morristown, NJ

2/8: Metro Parents Camp Fair, White Plains, NY

2/21: Fleur de Lis Open House in Moorestown, NJ

March 2015

3/7: Parenting NH Camp Fair, Nashua, NH

3/14: Parenting NH Camp Fair, Manchester, NH

So come out and visit while we travel and talk about our favorite thing- FDL!

-Lady Sarena

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