The password for today is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If you give a junior a hug, they’ll want a piggy back to go with it.

If you give them a piggy back, they’ll most likely ask you to carry them from the dining hall to the J-lodge.

On the way to the J-lodge, they will undoubtedly urge you to stop to pick blueberries.

While they are picking blueberries from your shoulders, they will inevitably drop some on your head.

Picking blueberries from your head will remind them of how much fun they had the last time they did your hair.

And of course, with only slight reserves, you will forfeit your head.

As they are doing your hair they will curiously ask you either, what part you will give them for JP, or where you got your FDL tattoo and why you would ever get it in the first place.

While thinking about your tattoo, they will then remember the abundance of temporary tattoos that they’ve been waiting to stick on you stashed somewhere in a drawer, and dash to get them from their cabin.

That’s your cue to run and grab your new best friend- a water gun for defense.

As they are searching for you high and low they find the bubble stash in the JL and this is when they will have the best idea yet… a homemade air freshener concoction of bubbles, shampoo, and soap.

The soap they will use undoubtedly remind them of the time they filled the junior bathroom sinks with water and soap suds and then pulled the plug to make a sound that too closely mimics that of someone barfing.

Their overwhelming outbursts of giggles and silliness and deep love for the smallest joys will remind you why you love being a junior counselor and convince you to offer a junior hug all over again. And so you will.

-Lady Matoaka

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