The password for today is FDL: Making and Moving Mountains since 1929.

If you are ever enjoying the flowing waters of Laurel Lake, take a minute to notice Mt. Monadnock. We, as CT’s, have noticed that it inevitably changes daily. In its beautifully discrete presence on the horizon, it never fails to amaze us. Some days, it is obscured by clouds; while other days, its white caps are clear and majestic. One of our favorite activities is to observe what our good old friend Monadnock is doing this day. You don’t have to climb Monadnock to feel connected with this phenomenon and how it relates back to camp.

Every day we have the opportunity to start fresh, be whatever type of mountain we want to be. And, just like Monadnock, you have a consistent group of friends here. On the days that you are cloudy or unhappy, they will still be there. On days that you are happy, they will be right there laughing with you.

-the CT’s of 2014

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