After Taps Episode 6: F is for Friends


In our sixth episode, four alumnae talk about their most special friendships at camp. Neely Moore starts by talking about how her friendship with Katherine Crowley began — then Katherine gives her side of the story. After, Katherine Collier and Caroline Foley chat about their funniest camp memories and how their friendship formed at Fleur de Lis.

How to Tell if Sleepaway Camp is Right for your Kid

Camp isn’t for everyone. Some kids take a year (or more) to really enjoy and value the experience at a sleepaway camp. And other kids know at age 5 that they were born to be a camp kid.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been considering camp for your child, sleepaway camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids to “learn to navigate situations without you,” as psychologist Jerry Weichman, Ph.D says.

At Fleur de Lis, when we have a conversation with a family who is interested in joining our Fleur de Lis community and sending their daughter to camp, we want to understand their expectations and what they are looking for in a camp. Our camp is based around friendship and trying new things: we aren’t a sports camp with lots of competition, nor are we a high-end camp complete with maid service.

So, after the decision is made to register your child for sleepaway camp, there are more decisions to be made: what type of camp will fit your family best? has a fantastic article on how to figure out these steps with your child and to set them up for success at sleepaway camp if it is, indeed, the right fit.

How to Tell if Sleepaway Camp is Right for your Kid |

Should kids go to sleepaway camp with a friend?

At Fleur de Lis, many campers will tell you that they love being away from their “home friends” and their “school friends.” They will tell you that their “camp friends” are different: at camp, they can act silly when, at school, they normally act serious (and vice versa).

IMG_5933eNorth Jersey published an article called “Should kids go to sleepaway camp with a friend?” where they speak to American Camp Association Director of Camper Placement of New York and New Jersey, Renee Flax, as well as a few other camp professionals.

The general consensus? While it’s an individualized decision, if your camper chooses to attend sleepaway camp with a friend, he/she should make sure to “have your own identity” and that “you’re not just sticking together.”

The professionals differed when it came to siblings attending camp, though. Does having an older sibling at camp mean that it’s just another place for you to follow in their footsteps?

We’d love to hear what parents and campers think about whether or not to attend sleepaway camp with a friend. Post your thoughts in the comments section!

March is #FDLMonth

In 2016, we started a new tradition: instead of hosting an in-person event somewhere in New England, we’d encourage alumnae, campers, and camp-lovers in our Fleur de Lis community to engage in something called #FDLMonth. The idea: wherever you are, reconnect with Fleur de Lis community in your area by gathering, taking a photo, and tagging it with #FDLMonth for everyone to see.Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.04.23 PM

In our first year with #FDLMonth, we had more than 40 people all over the country (and world!) take advantage of the idea. They posted photos from Utah, New York, Thailand, and of course, New England.

We’re doing #FDLMonth again this year, but we want to see more of your smiling faces! March is #FDLMonth, so gather with friends and take some photos!

Read more about the #FDLMonth idea.

After Taps Episode 4: Free Swim


In our fourth episode of After Taps, two Fleur de Lis Camp alums, Annalisa Nardone and Sarah Heller, talk about their favorite memory in Laurel Lake.

Next episode is called “Tuesday There’s a Play” and will be all about productions at camp. Have a story you’d like to share? Email

Welcome, Lady Sarah!

Fleur de Lis is pleased and excited to announce the arrival of Lady Sarah Castro, Assistant Director of Advancement. Welcome Lady Sarah!


A Fitzwilliam native, Sarah grew up on the shores of Laurel Lake. At 10 years old, she attended her first sleep-away camp and hasn’t missed a summer since!  Rising through the ranks each year at neighboring Camp Takodah, she took on roles from Camper, Leader in Training, Cabin Leader, Division Head, and Assistant Director.  She attended Geneva College, in Beaver Falls, PA, majoring in Human Services & minoring in Psychology where she also volunteered with Young Life to run programs for local high school students. After college, and a fund development internship with a local YMCA, she moved back to New Hampshire.  She began a professional career in camping with Camp Takodah where she supported educational travel programs and summer camp.  Some fun facts about Sarah are that she loves crafting, particularly crocheting and knitting; she enjoys hanging out with her niece Bella who is 2 ½ years old. Sarah loves dogs and is dreaming of the time when she can have a dog of her very own.  Sarah is thrilled to be back in Fitzwilliam spending summers on beautiful Laurel Lake.