A camp podcast: stories from you


We have exciting news!

Fleur de Lis Camp is starting a podcast called After Taps. Each episode will feature a different camp alum telling a story about their time at camp. Episodes are less than 10 minutes and will be shared two times a month. Every month has a different topic, too! In November, we will kick off the podcast with stories from Fleur de Lis Camp directors.

Camp is such a special place for everyone who has attended as a camper, worked as a staff member, and visits as an alumnae. Yet sometimes, it’s hard to explain why camp is so special! We talk about the incredible community, friendships, and memories all the time – but now, we want to actually show you what those things mean by sharing the stories with you.

Have any thoughts or questions? Want to submit a story for the podcast? Email hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.

Why our camp has an Ambassador program


Here’s something that’s true: no one knows camp like campers do, no one loves camp like campers do, and no one is more excited about camp than campers are.

So during our recruitment season, why would we rely on someone who hasn’t been a camper for at least 10 years talk about the awesomeness of camp? Of course, an adult can speak to the important bullet points: the safety, the accreditations, the skill-building, the housing. But is that really why people go to camp? Don’t they go for the friendships, the memories, the chance to build confidence, to learn new things?

Our Ambassador pilot program launched in the Spring of 2016. We chose a handful of camp lovers; kids with strong leadership skills from areas where we generally have interest in camp.

These Ambassadors are all different ages but focus on one thing in particular: helping to recruit new campers. They are responsible for finding girls who might be good “camp kids,” ideally ages 8-10 years old, who would be interested in camp. Ambassadors then host an Open House at their house (or public space) for families interested in camp. This is where the Ambassador parents come in: they help their camper market the event, and they help speak about camp.

Our first Open House season is underway, and it has been amazing to see how supportive and excited our Ambassador families have been! We are so proud of the girls and their parents for helping pilot this program.

Have any questions? Comments? Ideas on how we can make this even more stellar? Post below!

What is the best and worst part of camp?

This part isn’t out of the ordinary:

Every summer before campers depart, we hand them a piece of paper that asks a lot of questions. Things like: “Were your counselors welcoming?” and “What activities did you want to try, but didn’t?” and “Rate the camp food on a scale of 1-5.”

Most of these are simple multiple choice answers, where we get wrinkled papers with scribbled, scraggly penciled circles around each answer. But our favorite part is reading what the best and worst part of camp is for each camper.

This individualized feedback gives us such great insight into what the Juniors dislike about camp (hint: they sometimes miss their parents), how we can improve for Mid campers (hint: they really don’t want to learn about fungi on trips), and why Seniors keep coming back to camp year after year (hint: something about their best friends, right?!).

Every day for the rest of September, we’ll be tweeting our favorite responses on our Twitter profile. If you don’t have Twitter, you can still check our public profile and read some of our tweets.

Why are we doing this?

Some of the responses are incredibly cute and worth sharing, like my personal favorite: screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-26-05-am

But a lot of them may also resonate with current and past campers: the themes of friendship, being yourself, being comfortable at camp, and most campers’ answer to “Worst part of camp?”: “Nothing.”

Keep following our tweets and other social media for fun projects like these. We also welcome feedback! Have a cool idea for a social media campaign, or absolutely hate this one? Let us know: hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.

A day in the life of a camper at FdL

By Edie, 3rd year Mid



6:55am – Warning blows. I stay in bed.
7:00am –  Reveille blows. I stay in bed.
7:20am – Table blows. I stay in bed.
7:25am – I sit up, throw on shorts and my newest tie-dye, and realize I’m late for table squad. Oops. Running up, I’m not the last one (luckily) and I squad table 9. After setting the table (napkins, silverware, plates, cups, etc.), I sit down and wait for staff and CTs to arrive. After a yummy meal of waffles, I help clear, and then stay after to clean the table.

After breakfast, all the Mids go to the barn to clean up for Mid Birthday, the Mid campers’ play. It’s Aristocats. We have been practicing since Monday and it looks pretty good. After cleaning, we head to the fields to clean up our tents and cabins. In my tent, we have a chart with who does what to clean today. I look around the tent for trash, Brenna takes out the keg (trash), Eve checks to see if stuff on the lines are dry, and Michelle sweeps. Then the trumpet blows for 1st activity and…my  bed isn’t made.

Once everything is neat, I rush up to swim class where I realize it’s Endurance Day! 20 minutes of continuous swim and 20 minutes of treading. After that, I walk ALL THE WAY down the road to Archery, where I shoot a 33, and can count towards my award. After Archery, I walk ALL THE WAY back up the camp road to Stained Glass where I continue grinding the glass for my gold award. Only 6 more pieces!

I get to table first, and start setting napkins and go change out of my lake-smelling, slightly damp bathing suit.


Lunch is fried chicken (yes!), mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggie medley. After cleaning, all the Mid go to the fields for our first rest hour in a week because of Mid Birthday. I finish writing a letter to my sister, Molly, and then I practice my lines one last time.

Fourth activity blows, and I have waterski. I walk up to the Old Dining Hall (ODH) with Adele and Isa. I go first and get around the lake twice and I glide in, but I didn’t go all the way in and out of the wake, so I almost passed my bronze. Isa goes next, and gets uno n one ski, goes around twice, touches the water and hops the wake.

At rec time, I shower and change into my dress for the dinner tonight. I’m at the April table, since my birthday is in the month of April. I make cat ears for the play tonight and finish my final Spirit Sister gift! Then, table blows and it’s back up the road to help set tables again for dinner, although it is a different set-up. Dinner is chicken salad wraps (yum!) and vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting.


After dinner, Juniors go down to the fields, Seniors do dish and clean the tables, and Mids get into costumes for MID BIRTHDAY!

My costume for Duchess is a long white dress with lots of lace, along with ears.

The play goes well and then we have our Spirit Sister party, where Mids find out who has been giving me gifts (secretly) and the person who has been getting gifts from me finds out who I am.


After the SS (Spirit Sister) party, we head down to the fields to get ready for bed. I brush my teeth at the Wogs (bathrooms) and then go back to the tent and change for bed. After Lady Maddie reads us Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for a while, Taps blows, and third-year Mids get 20 minutes after Taps to read. So I continue reading and go to sleep.

by Edie

2016 Coronation for Password

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.30.00 AM.pngCongratulations Queen Zenshia, and welcome everyone to another beautiful Coronation ceremony and Visiting Day. I’m Susan Clinkenbeard, more often known as Lady Clink, and I went to Fleur de Lis many years ago for eleven happy summers.

We have just participated as a community in one of the longstanding traditions here at Fleur de Lis.  Another tradition that I am particularly enthusiastic about is singing.  I love how there is a body of songs that has lasted through the years and that is Fleur de Lis’ own particular repertoire. Some songs come from the folk tradition, some come from a different source and the lyrics have been changed to make them specific to Fleur de Lis, and some were written just for us. We have special songs for every ceremony, for different times of day, for different meals, for putting up the flag, for taking down the flag, for sunny days, for rainy days, for being silly, and a song just for eating ice cream. I love that I can sit with my Mom and an old songbook, and she can tell me what occasion a song was used for when she was a camper and what era it was popular. I love that we know a lot of the same songs and can sing them together. And I love when I visit camp and sit at a table in the dining hall and listen to a brand new song that I never heard before.

The great thing about singing at camp is that everybody gets to do it. Sure, it’s terrific when there’s somebody with a really good voice, or when people can contribute a harmony part, especially when there’s a campfire song; but mostly it just matters that we all sing, and sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you can sing it pretty, or whether you know all the words, or whether you get all the hand motions right on the active songs. What really matters is that everybody participates and we make a joyful noise. Another great thing is that you can come in as a new person, and at first you may have to listen, but by the time a song goes around a few times, you can pick up the words quickly, and by the end of the summer, you have a whole catalog of songs in your head that you learned just by being here.

Being at camp is like singing. When you come here the first time, all the songs are new, and so are the people, but by the end of your time here, the songs are familiar and so are the faces and names. You may have come to learn some songs, and some people, really well. You may have your favorites. You may have some that you didn’t take to at first, but find that they grow on you over time or when you hear them in different settings. If you have been here a while, there may be the old reliable songs you are happy to sing over and over again, the people you are happy to see again year after year. There may even be that song, or that friend, who was there all along who you didn’t realize you liked so much until you just click one summer.

Each year the repertoire of camp songs changes, with the addition of new songs to a steady stream of old favorites, and songs that make a re-appearance after being on the shelf for a while. And each year of camp has its own special chemistry based on the people who are here, who comes back, who’s new, the special gifts that each of those people brings, and the unique things that happen that summer. No two years are the same. But it’s reassuring that there is always a basic group of songs that don’t change and are still there to be enjoyed and discovered every year.

I want to encourage each of you to find and contribute your voice this summer. Figure out your favorite song and get your table to sing it with you and sing it LOUD. Make sure you learn the campfire songs and notice how different it feels to sing them in the dark by candlelight or firelight with the whole camp participating in hushed wonder. Maybe you will make up your own song, by yourself or with your small group, and add it to the repertoire. But whether you have a loud or a soft voice, and whether you are an experienced singer or can’t carry a tune in a bucket, all that matters is that you sing, and that we are all singing together.

The songs we raise up are unique to the moment that we sing them, and are also what we hand down from year to year. Make a joyful noise. This is your summer. Sing your own special song.

The password for today is: SONG.

Fleur de Lis is a Boston Parents Best of the Best!


Thanks to the votes from our fantastic community of campers, staff, alumnae, friends, and parents, Fleur de Lis Camp has been voted a Boston Parents Paper Family Favorite Overnight Camp!

For the past couple of years, FdLers from all over have voiced their opinions and voted for us in this ballot. Because of that, we have won in the Overnight Camp category (either #1 or Top 5) since 2013!

This award is incredibly important not only in recognizing the specialness of our camp, but in recruiting excited and passionate campers to sign up for a summer of Fleur de Lis fun. Stay tuned for news about other awards!

Does your local paper have a similar readers’ choice ballot? Post in the comment section to let us know!