Why Fleur de Lis was my favorite part of summer 2017

Fleur de Lis Ambassador Hailey Davis wrote a blog about why summer 2017 at Fleur de Lis was special:IMG-4427.JPG

This summer was a ton of fun. I went to the beach, swam at the pool, hung out with my friends, went to cape cod, turned thirteen. All in all it was a very fun summer, but my favorite part by far was going to Fleur de lis sleep away camp in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. I stayed at Fleur de Lis camp for three weeks, I slept in a platform tent with four other girls, It was the best. We were by far the loudest tent at camp, from late night giggles to hysterical laughing during our “rest hour”.  We were like sisters, we laughed together,  cried together, threw pillows at each other, everything we experienced we experienced it together. I also loved the camp activities, my favorite was riflery.  In rifle I got two awards and multiple bullseyes it was overall my favorite activity.  A lifelong sisterhood and many memories never to be forgotten, that’s what sleep away camp means to me.

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Join us for an Open House!


2017.11.14 - OAK and FLEUR - Amesbury, MA.jpgAre you thinking about summer camp for your daughter and/or son? Join us November 14 at the home of the Cressey Family to learn more about all-girls Fleur de Lis Camp and all-boys Camp O-AT-KA. The Cresseys have a son at O-AT-KA and a daughter at Fleur de Lis, and they are excited to talk about their experiences at both camps! Representatives from OAK and FDL will be present to answer questions, provide materials, and chat about any concerns.

Fleur de Lis and O-AT-KA have been brother-sister camps for more than 80 years! O-AT-KA was started more than a century ago on Lake Sebago in Sebago, Maine. Fleur de Lis started in 1929 on Laurel Lake in Fitzwilliam, NH. Both camps provide small, safe, community-oriented environments focused on increasing confidence, making friends, and trying new activities.

Questions? Interested in joining? Send an email to hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.

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After Taps Update: Where’s the podcast?

In fall of 2017, Ladies Amy Bates and Hannah Weiner created a podcast called “After Taps” about the people, stories, and history of Fleur de Lis Camp. They interviewed alumnae, received submissions from camp lovers, and asked important (and funny) questions about FDL.

aftertaps1.pngOver the summer, After Taps took a hiatus. Now, as we draw in more submissions and work on creating the podcast, we are slowing down the release of podcasts. Instead of monthly podcasts, we’ll be publishing a podcast once a season. Stay tuned for our fall podcast about the history of the property!

Want to submit something? Have an idea? Reach out! Send anemail to hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.

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Why you should meet us on October 29

FB cover fall event.pngCamp ends, summer ends, and before you know it, leaves are falling from the trees and days are much shorter. Somewhere between driving down Howeville Road for the last time and realizing you don’t have a Halloween costume, camp friends may send you a text, an email, or post something nostalgic on Instagram.

But now’s your chance to see a big group of camp friends all in one place before winter arrives in full!

On Sunday October 29, 2017, Fleur de Lis will be meeting campers, parents, potential campers, alumnae, volunteers–everyone in the Fleur de Lis community–for a few hours of camp bliss. Meet us at Carlson Orchards in Harvard, Massachusetts to grab a donut, a slice of apple crisp, and a cup of cider, then head out into the Orchard to pick some apples.

Never been to camp before, but want to meet a few folks? This is a great chance to ask questions, meet other campers and parents, and get excited before our early registration season comes to an end.

Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Email hannah@fleurdeliscamp.org.

Why you should register early for camp 2018

Summer 2017 has come and go, leaving behind amazing memories, photos, and the countdown for summer 2018! It’s easy to take camp for granted on a day like today: sunny and 80 degrees, the kids are at school, and your schedule is in full swing. But what will happen in May, when you have a whole summer to fill full of activities for your kids?


If you aren’t one of the 65% of camper families that registers by 10/31 for the summer, here’s why you should register now:

  1. Save money, plain and simple. Fleur de Lis offers a $100 savings if you register before October 31. Registering early also means you’ll have more time to refer friends to Fleur de Lis, which means you get a $250 kickback for sharing our name with families if they sign up!
  2. You save your daughter’s spot at camp. We are expecting to fill our August session. This means if you have waited until March or April to register your daughter for the 3-week session in the past, we may not have room for her to join us! The only way to guarantee her spot at Fleur de Lis is to register now.
  3. T-shirt.pngGet peace of mind. Get it out of the way! By registering early, you’ll be able to figure out travel plans and other programs for your daughter to be involved in over the summer.
  4. Get her a sweet T-shirt. This year, we offer awesome, one-of-a-kind Fleur de Lis summer 2017 T-shirts for returning campers who sign up for 2018 before 10/31. These shirts were specially designed by our staff!

Thinking about camp for next summer but not sure of the session? You can register for camp, save your camper’s spot, and change her session without any fees until May 1.

Have questions or concerns? Send us an email or give us a call!



Watch videos from the summer!

Missing camp already? We’re uploading videos from the summer to our YouTube account! Shots from Mid Birthday, Talent Shows, Interruptions, and more will be available to watch whenever you’d like. Head to the Fleur de Lis Youtube channel to relive fun memories from the summer!Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 4.21.48 PM.png

Click here to watch camp videos!

Do you have fun videos or photos from the summer? Share on social media using #FleurdeLis2017 — and tag @fleurdeliscamp, too!

Big and Little Weekend 2017 Password

Thanks to Annie Lundsten for an incredible Password for Big & Little Weekend this summer!

Annie Lundsten (center) as a camper with camp friends Sarah (left) and Emily (right).

Fairy tales are rife with stories of people giving away their daughters in exchange for their heart’s desire. The miller’s daughter, desperate to escape a king’s wrath and become queen, promises Rumpelstiltskin her first born child in exchange for the ability to spin straw into gold. The baker and his pregnant wife, craving almost until death the taste of fresh vegetables, pledge their daughter (Rapunzel) to the witch next door for a taste of her beautiful greens. 

I spent my first summer at Fleur de Lis the year I turned eight and stayed until the summer I turned sixteen. My time here was a gift that, even as child, I understood to be a gift. It was a present I looked forward to receiving all year long and it had many facets; freedom from the limitations of my everyday life at home, loving relationships with a powerful female community and a safe environment in which to build strength and independence in the person I was becoming.

By the time I and my Fleur de Lis friends made our way to the senior field at 14, we were already talking about the future generation of girls we would give to camp in exchange for these gifts. As we grew up and began to have children, each daughter’s arrival caused a flurry of excitement for what would, of course, be a future Fleur de Lis camper.  We felt, instinctively, that the gift could in fact only be repaid by passing it on to someone else.

Today, as I stand here with my mother, my daughter and my niece, I offer the gift of Fleur de Lis to all of you. And I encourage you to give it freely and with joy to your daughter. I promise that it will spin her straw into gold.

The password for today is: GIFT